Why Our Family Doesn’t Celebrate Halloween

This is a topic I have wanted to write about for some time, because it is something we get asked about a lot. It can be a bit of a controversial issue, so I have prayed about it, and am STILL praying about it because I don’t want it to come across in the wrong way. Hopefully, I can convey my stance and my convictions without seeming judgmental or arrogant, because I definitely don’t intend [ ... ]

Are Your Essential Oils Hazardous To Your Health?

  Did you know that about 99% of the essential oils on the market today are potentially hazardous to your health? Are yours? How can you know? Hopefully this post will show you some ways you can be sure whether your oils are harmful or helpful. First, it’s important to understand that there are several different categories or grades of essential oils. Now these are not “official” categories that are graded in an official way. The pyramid graphic [ ... ]

Why I Chose Young Living Essential Oils

I get asked pretty often why I chose Young Living Essential Oils over all the other oils on the market. I did a TON of research before coming to that conclusion, and if you know me at all, you know I am a pretty thorough researcher. I also have some trusted friends and family members who are thorough researchers, and we all did our homework and came to the same conclusion: Young Living is the [ ... ]

Introduction to Essential Oils

  There is a lot of buzz out there right now about essential oils. If you are new to essential oils, you may be wondering what in the world they are, where they come from, and what they can do. Well, you’ve come to the right place! This post will be a basic introduction to essential oils, and hopefully will answer these questions for you! Essential oils are some of the most amazing substances on the earth. [ ... ]

Recipe Roundup – Breakfast Time!

As promised, I have put together another Recipe Roundup, and this time it’s a collection of some great breakfast recipes that we have loved and enjoyed. We love to eat breakfast for any meal of the day, so this list is near and dear to my heart As in my Dinner Time Roundup, there are some great dishes I’ve listed here that I still have to post recipes for so that they will be [ ... ]

Making Home School More Fun and Less Stress

As I scroll through my Facebook newsfeed these days, the common theme is gearing up for back-to-school. It is that time of the year again. My friends with kids in public school have been busy fighting the crowds to get school clothes and uniforms, driving all over town looking for that elusive special paper or folder that is on their kid’s school supply list, struggling to get their kids registered for classes, or lamenting that [ ... ]

Get Young Living Oils for FREE: The Not-So-Secret Secret of The Essential Rewards Program

Take a look at this awesome bunch of FREE oils I got last month with my Young Living Essential Rewards points!! Yep, you read that right. All these oils–over $300 worth–were FREE with the Essential Rewards points that I accumulated during the year (I did pay about $11.00 or so for shipping). Is that not awesome! So, maybe you’re sitting there wondering, what is Essential Rewards, and how in the world can I score me some of [ ... ]

How To Make The Most Of A Healing Diet

This week, I have talked fairly extensively about healing diets and how we got started on ours. I covered our diet in detail in the first post, and yesterday talked about some difficulties that we have had to overcome to make this whole thing work. Today, I want to share some tips that I think have helped us as we’ve journeyed through this process, in hopes that they might help you too. 1. Always remember your [ ... ]

How To Get Started With A Healing Diet

Yesterday, I shared about the strict healing diet that has been a part of our life now for almost 2 years. If you missed that post, you can check it out here, and see the list of foods that we don’t eat. It is quite an extensive list. It hasn’t been easy to make this diet work, but in spite of that, we have found it to be completely do-able and it has literally become [ ... ]

What In The World Is A Healing Diet?

Well, here is another long overdue post. I am apparently not good at balancing everything else in life and blogging too. :/  But I am not giving up! I just may have to be more realistic about the amount of posts I crank out for this thing We are currently on a pretty strict healing diet, and that is a topic that I have been asked about over and over by many different people. [ ... ]