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My name is Susan, and I welcome you to my site! I am a Christian wife and homemaker, blissfully married to my best friend Rex for 23 years, and a super-blessed mom to one precious and precocious 11-year-old boy named Nathan. I homeschool my son, work a few hours a week at a chiropractic clinic, write for this blog, and am building a business with Young Living Essential Oils, so I stay very busy! I love talking about faith and family, natural living, health and wellness, food and recipes, homeschooling, essential oils, and so many of the things that make up my life and what I do most. So that’s what you’ll see on this blog.

As far as my hobbies and passions…My faith in Jesus makes up who I am and what I believe about life and living. And my family is my greatest love next to the Lord, and the hugest blessing He has given me. I also have some wonderful friends that I really enjoy spending time with when I can. I am very much a homebody (almost to a fault), but enjoy traveling occasionally, especially to the mountains (and as long as it doesn’t involve camping, lol!) I enjoy family history and genealogy, and it’s probably a good thing I can’t afford a membership to Ancestry.com, because I wouldn’t get anything else done πŸ˜‰ I love to play games, watch Netflix, and I am a little bit of an information junkie. Take a look around my site and you’ll see I also love essential oils. I have been amazed at how they have blessed our family and helped us in so many different ways. I love using them, sharing them, and teaching about them! And I really like to write…which should come in pretty handy on this blog!Β Oh yeah, and I love llamas. Don’t ask me why–they are just my favorite animal πŸ™‚ You may see them crop up randomly from time to time, just for fun!

I love my church! We are members of a really unique, diverse/multi-ethnic church and we are blessed to serve there each week. Rex and I have worked with the youth and worship ministries throughout our years there. Currently, we are small group leaders, co-teaching 11th and 12th graders. I am taking a bit of a break in 2018 from serving with the worship ministry, but I have played keyboard with the band, and have sung with the choir and worship team from time to time as well. I do love music and love to play and sing–it’s in my blood.

Life for me so far has been full of ups and downs, as I’m sure it has been for most of you. It has been a series of struggles and victories and time spent waiting and wondering…LOTS of waiting and wondering. Rex and I have walked with the Lord through a lot together, and so many things have challenged our faith and made us take a closer look at the stuff we are made ofβ€”and whether it was REAL or not. We have experienced the blessings of realizing some of our dreams, and the heartache of abandoning others. We spent many years in full time ministry, serving in a very difficult place, but growing more in our walk with Christ during that time than we could have imagined. We struggled through six years of infertility and the miscarriage of a twin before finally receiving the amazing gift of our son (you can read more about that here). We have survived Rex’s being unemployed twice before, and he was recently laid off for a third time, so we are in the midst of dealing with that situation yet again πŸ™ Even though it’s been 7 years since the last time, I am grateful to be able to remember and recount the stories of God’s grace and provision during those times as we lean on Him to get us through this one. We have dealt with some serious health issues, both personally, and in our extended family, but have also seen miraculous healing in some of those. We have lost all our grandparents, laid a young nephew to rest after a brain aneurism claimed his life suddenly, and said goodbye to my husband’s sweet mom when she lost her battle with ALS. His dad passed away this past year after living 20 years with leukemia. But, in Jesus, we have the glorious hope and joy of knowing we will one day see all those loved ones again. We’ve dealt with depression, anxiety, financial struggles, losing friends, and many other issues. So discovering real life for me has been about living and learning patience, perseverance, faith, humility, joy, awe, and gratitude (to name just a few) as we’ve navigated all these peaks and valleys. My wish is that this blog can be a ministry tool as well as an educational tool, and a place where I can share my heart and where God has brought me to this point. I also hope it can be a place of confession and catharsis, where I can live my real life out in the day-to-day, working through the challenges that living in a fallen world (and being human) inevitably brings.

So, that is where I am: trying to β€œlive the real life.” It’s not an easy feat, but I definitely believe it’s a worthwhile one! And I invite and welcome you into my journey through this blog. I also welcome any and all questions about me and my life, so if there is something you’re curious about, please don’t hesitate to ask! If you ever have a topic you’d like me to write about, please let me know that too! I’d love to talk about whatever interests you! One more word: as a writer, I can be a little verbose πŸ˜‰ I will try not to write eternally long posts EVERY time, but sometimes I just have a lot to share! πŸ™‚ And I am definitely looking forward to sharing it! Thanks for visiting, and God bless!

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