Get Young Living Oils for FREE: The Not-So-Secret Secret of The Essential Rewards Program

Take a look at this awesome bunch of FREE oils I got last month with my Young Living Essential Rewards points!!


Yep, you read that right. All these oils–over $300 worth–were FREE with the Essential Rewards points that I accumulated during the year (I did pay about $11.00 or so for shipping). Is that not awesome!

So, maybe you’re sitting there wondering, what is Essential Rewards, and how in the world can I score me some of them free oils? Well, let me tell you–it couldn’t be easier!

First of all, you need to be a Young Living Wholesale Member. If you are not yet a member, this is easy to do, and a great way to get Young Living Essential Oils at discounted prices (24% less than retail). Plus, there is a great deal on a Premium Starter Kit that you can take advantage of to get yourself going! You can go HERE for more information on how to do that. If you are already a YL member, all you need to do is sign up for the Essential Rewards Program through your virtual office. Easy Peasy!

Essential rewards is essentially an auto-ship program through Young Living that enables you to earn points for the amount of PV you order each month. PV stands for “point value” and for oils and most other things, each dollar spent is equal to 1 point/PV. There are some items that only earn you half the PV of the dollar amount, and a few things that aren’t worth any PV, but that is all notated on the website and will show up that way in your cart when you set your order. Basically, YL will give you a percentage of the PV you spend each month back in points that you can later spend for free oils. There is a requirement that you order at least 50PV each month, but you can change your order every month according to what you need at that time, and you can even change the date of your order each month, as long as it stays within that calendar month. Pretty cool! Here is a pretty good run-down on the perks of Essential Rewards, and it includes how the percentages are calculated, based on your time in the program:

Reasons to be on ER

So let me share a little secret about how I earn more points. I have trusted friends and family who want to purchase a few oils here and there, without having a membership. I will offer many of them my wholesale discount and order for them on my Essential Rewards order, and although I don’t get any commissions from their order, I do get their PV, which adds to my Essential Rewards points each time! And now that I’ve been in the program for a year, I’m earning 20% back in points!

Here are a few more things about the program:

1. You can cancel at any time. If after joining you decide you can’t swing 50PV a month, just let them know, and they will cancel your Rewards Membership. You will still have your Wholesale Membership, but not the rewards program commitment. If you have accumulated any rewards points, you will want to spend them before canceling, as they will go away once you’re out of the program. If you decide you want to rejoin, you are welcome to do so at any time!

2. You can only place one ER order in a calendar month. You can order through the regular order system as many times as you want, but you can only earn points on one ER order a month.

3. You can earn all the promos for the month by ordering through Essential Rewards, so that’s a great way to get even more freebies!

4. Sometimes out-of-stock products will become available on a limited basis, and Essential Rewards members are often given first dibs on these.

5. You do have to pay shipping for your free oils, but if you wait until you have accumulated a lot of points, it makes it more worth your while because you get a lot more stuff for one shipping fee.

6. Points do expire after a year, so you don’t want to let those babies go to waste! You can spend up to 350 points at a time, so if you are earning lots, be sure to cash them in before you lose them!

Bottom line: If you use oils and YL products, this program is absolutely worth joining!! If you’re using these things regularly and/or have any folks who would order from you, you can easily make the 50PV a month and start earning free stuff! So, what are you waiting for??? Let’s get some FREE OILS!!!! 🙂


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4 comments on “Get Young Living Oils for FREE: The Not-So-Secret Secret of The Essential Rewards Program

  1. That is a sweet collection right there! I may be slightly jealous…but definitely not hating 🙂 You go girl!

    • Hey, you are building up your collection of points and will get to cash them in for some great stuff in no time!! It is very fun getting to shop with free points! 🙂

  2. Thanks for this straight forward run down of the program. I hadn’t made sense of it using the website or the catalog.

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