How to Choose Big Avocados With Small Seeds

I keep seeing these posts all over Facebook and Pinterest about how to choose a good avocado–one that isn’t rotten and is the perfect ripeness. That’s helpful information for some, I’m sure, but where I usually shop, the avocados are either already black and soft and clearly rotten, or they are super green and hard as rocks. 99% of the time, it’s the latter. So, I’m not usually concerned with worrying about the ripeness of those little guys, because they are not remotely ripe. But since the stores where I live sell avocados at a price PER avocado, I AM concerned about getting my money’s worth. So yes, I’m one of those people who digs through the avocado bin, looking tirelessly for what I hope will be the biggest and best avocados for my money.

Don’t you hate it when you bring home a really nice, big avocado and you open it up, and the seed inside is almost the same size as the avocado? I have seen a bunch of info floating around lately about the seeds of the avocado holding a ton of nutrients. That’s all well and good, but currently, I’m not into bashing up the seeds with a hammer, grinding them up, and putting them into my smoothies and granola and such. I may graduate eventually to that practice, but currently I just throw them away. And I prefer not to throw away the MAJORITY of the avocado I just purchased because it was all seed! That is a waste of my money and wasting money makes me cranky.

We eat a lot of avocados around here (my child could seriously eat them all day long), so I’ve had a lot of practice and experience at choosing avocados. And I’ve developed a pretty good knack for selecting avocados that have smaller seeds. If you promise not to tell, I’ll let you in on my little secret 😉

Now, first of all let me say that this method is not 100% foolproof. Sometimes I still get avocados with big seeds. But I would say that this practice scores me smaller-seeded avocados 85% of the time, which I tend to think is pretty good odds. This also seems to hold true for any brand of avocados.

So here’s the deal: what you want to avoid are avocados that are round. Some of the round avocados I’ve gotten have been some of the biggest-looking ones in the bin. They boast a great shape, with what seems like it would have a ton of flesh on the inside. But those round ones are deceptive–they seem really big, but their seeds are usually huge. What you want to look for are avocados that have a really tall cone shape at the top–my son calls it the “nose” or “snout” of the avocado. If you think about it, it makes sense: that is the part of the avocado where there is no seed because the seed grows in the rounded bottom portion. So if you can get one that has a large snout, you’re getting more edible avocado for your money. I bought a large round avocado and another that had a pretty decent cone on top so that I could show you the difference, side by side. These actually turned out to be perfect examples of what I’m talking about, although the smaller-seeded one is slightly atypical. I do find quite a few with seeds that small, but more of them have seeds that are slightly larger than that one. Even with a slightly larger seed, you can see how the cone-shaped one has more flesh than the round one.

So there you have it! If you were to find these two avocados, side by side, in the bin at the store, you know which one to put in your bag and take home with you! I hope this helps you on your next trip to the supermarket!



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