Introduction to Essential Oils

 Introduction to EssentialOils

There is a lot of buzz out there right now about essential oils. If you are new to essential oils, you may be wondering what in the world they are, where they come from, and what they can do. Well, you’ve come to the right place! This post will be a basic introduction to essential oils, and hopefully will answer these questions for you!

Essential oils are some of the most amazing substances on the earth. They come from plants, which means they have been around since the formation of the world, and the Bible documents and therefore dates their use back at least several thousand years.

Essential Oils Come FromEssential oils are natural aromatic compounds made in little sacs or factories in every plant. They are found in all parts of the plant, including leaves, stems, seeds, bark, roots, flowers, gum resin, and even citrus rinds. Essential oils are the life “blood” or life force of the plant, and are called “essential” because without them, the plant would die. The oils have living compounds in them, and they keep the plant alive and thriving by:

  • Bringing oxygen and nutrients to the plant
  • Protecting the plant from invaders including disease, bacteria, fungus, viruses, insects, etc.–they are the plants natural defense mechanism, or it’s “immune system”
  • Reducing inflammation and infection in the plant
  • Bringing hormonal balance to the plant
  • Repairing and regenerating the DNA in the plant cells to provide for healing within the plant structure
  • Digesting cellular debris and toxins and removing them from the plant

Each plant has a special combination of different minerals and elements, called “constituents,” which are unique to the plant, and these give the essential oils in that plant their various therapeutic abilities.

So you’re thinking, well that’s great for a plant, but what about me? Well, plants and humans are made up of the same basic protein building blocks. And because of this, essential oils can provide the same benefits for us as they do in the plants! Our bodies recognize the molecules of essential oils because they have similar structures, and our cells welcome essential oils and immediately put them to use for our benefit. The essential oils work in harmony with our bodies to help them do what they are already doing, but better and faster.

Cell Membrane and Blood Brain BarrierUnlike the molecules in fatty, vegetable oils which are rather large, the molecules that make up essential oils are very tiny. They are so tiny that they give essential oils the unique ability to pass through cell membranes, and diffuse throughout blood and tissues. One drop of essential oil contains 40 million trillion molecules, which is more than plenty to affect every cell in the body. Essential oils are absorbed into the skin within 3 seconds, and after only 22 minutes, they have penetrated every cell and can be detected in the saliva. Just as essential oils bring oxygen and nutrients to plant cells, their highly oxygenated molecules are able to bring oxygen and nutrients directly into human cells, which can strengthen the cells and give support to the immune system. Essential oils can also enter a cell and evaluate it for repair or replacement. If the cell is able to be repaired, some essential oils can actually reprogram the miswritten information. If the cell is too far gone for repair, the essential oil can digest it and remove it from the body. Essential oils are also one of the only things tiny enough to penetrate the blood-brain barrier.

Essential oils have the ability to clean the blood, literally engulfing and digesting free radicals in the body, including oxides, synthetic compounds, petrochemicals, heavy metals, drugs, etc. In this way, they very quickly help the body rid itself of toxins.

Essential Oils Digest Free Radicals

Aren’t these amazing oils fascinating and mind-boggling? They have so many uses, and are so potent and powerful. No wonder our ancestors used them for their health! They are completely natural, fully recognized by our bodies, and absolutely able to promote wellness at the cellular level.

Now, just in case you were thinking about jumping in your car and heading to the nearest health food store to get you some of these awesome oils, you need to know that NOT ALL ESSENTIAL OILS ARE CREATED EQUAL. In fact, 100% pure, therapeutic grade oils that will do all that I mentioned above make up only about 1% of all the essential oils sold in the world today. And you can’t get the good ones at a health food store. For more information about this, you need to check out my post Are Your Essential Oils Hazardous to Your Health? and also my post on Why I Chose Young Living Essential Oils.

If you have any questions about essential oils, please feel free to contact me. If you’re ready to order the best, most pure therapeutic essential oils, you can head on over HERE. Essential oils have been a game changer for me and my family, and they can be for you, too!


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