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amazon picWhile I do most of my grocery shopping at local chain stores, I do also shop occasionally at a Farmer’s Market where I buy my local raw honey, and sometimes eggs, although I typically buy eggs at Braum’s. I do also buy a few things online. The online list is short, and today I will share it with you.

Depending on where I can find the best price when I need them, I buy the following items online:

1. Coconut Palm Sugar – This stuff is expensive, no matter how you slice it. But in the local stores? Yikes! I have been buying it from Amazon, but their price has recently skyrocketed, so today I am buying it from Vitacost. They are having a sale, and I have a coupon code, or I wouldn’t be able to afford it there. I normally buy the Madhava brand (for price reasons—don’t even know how it compares quality-wise to other brands, because I’ve never tried any other brands). This time, I’m getting Navitas. Hope it’s good 😉

2. Baking Powder – Did you know that regular baking powder can contain aluminum and also GMOs from the cornstarch that is in it? Ridiculous, isn’t it? So I buy aluminum-free, non-GMO baking powder online, usually from Vitacost. I like Bob’s Red Mill. All of their products are non-GMO so you don’t have to buy organic to be safe with them.

3. Apple Cider Vinegar – I really like Bragg’s Organic Apple Cider Vinegar. The cheapest I’ve found is online, usually at Vitacost.

4. Vanilla Beans – I make my own vanilla extract, and I don’t know if you’ve ever priced vanilla beans in the local stores, but even in the bulk bins, they are OUTRAGEOUS!!!  I can get them online for a fraction of the cost. Last time, I bought them from Amazon.

5. Stevia Extract Powder – We use Stevia Extract to sweeten our coffee, and other things. I don’t use it much in baking, unless it’s in a recipe that doesn’t call for much sweetener. NuNaturals is the absolute best we’ve tried. It doesn’t have the bitterness or the funky aftertaste that some Stevia powders have. The best place to buy it is online—I can’t even remember whether you can get it at the store or not. I used to buy the little bottles from Vitacost. Last time though, I saw that they had a big, ginormous one that made it much cheaper per ounce, so I bought it. We will have Stevia for a LONG time now 😉

vitacost6. Cornmeal – I really like stone ground cornmeal, as opposed to the finely ground cornmeal that you can readily get at the store. Central Market and Sprouts both carry the Bob’s Red Mill, but I can get it cheaper online at Vitacost. I am buying the medium grind this time, and glad to have that option. Sometimes the super coarse grind is a little too coarse 😉

7. Specialty Flours and Starches – I have found that prices are pretty good for many flours and starches at Central Market, but if Vitacost is having a good sale, sometimes I will purchase things like buckwheat flour, tapioca starch, brown rice flour, etc. I am looking into a place called Azure Standard for getting bulk grains and things. I haven’t bought from there yet, but may in the future.

8. Bulk Herbs and Spices – I buy dried organic elderberries to make elderberry syrup, and other organic herbs and spices that I can get for good prices online. Central Market and Sprouts don’t carry bulk organic herbs and spices. I have bought from iHerb, but recently discovered, and got some organic elderberries, true cinnamon (which you can’t get in stores), whole cloves, and true cinnamon sticks, as well as arrowroot powder.

I hope that over the last few days I have given you a pretty good idea of what kind of real food I buy, where I buy it, and the best prices I have found in my area stores, as well as online. In the next week or so, I will try to post my price list that shows exactly what products cost at each of the stores where I shop.

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  1. Bulk Herb Store is another great place for herbs, teas & lots of other stuff. Plus it’s run by Christians. Not sure how their prices compare.

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