Why I Chose Young Living Essential Oils


I get asked pretty often why I chose Young Living Essential Oils over all the other oils on the market. I did a TON of research before coming to that conclusion, and if you know me at all, you know I am a pretty thorough researcher. I also have some trusted friends and family members who are thorough researchers, and we all did our homework and came to the same conclusion: Young Living is the only one for our families. I have compiled a list of some of the biggest reasons as to why, right here:


There are so many things that go into the production of Essential Oils, and Young Living has the most experience, and the most research in the industry. As I recently discussed in my post “An Introduction to Essential Oils,” most of what gives an oil the capacity and ability to perform therapeutic functions are the constituents or compounds it contains. So many factors can affect whether or not a particular constituent or constituents are present in an oil, including seed variety, soil quality, temperature, rainfall, harvesting methods, distillation pressure and distillation temperatures (just to name a few). Young Living has testing facilities, and distilleries on site at their farms to be able to test all those different factors and then distill at the right time and under the right conditions. An example of how important this can be: usually, there is an optimal time for a plant to be harvested so that all its constituents are present. Young Living can test right there at the farm to determine exactly when that is, and can harvest right then to make sure the oil will contain all its therapeutic compounds. There is no delay from having to send a sample to an outside lab and wait for the results, wasting precious time. Young Living also has what they call their Seed to Seal Guarantee. They are absolutely 100% committed to making sure their oils are the best quality there is. You can check out all that goes into this process here. It’s awesome.

Also, Young Living Oils are one of the few brands that indicate that they are safe to ingest. That is because they are absolutely pure. There are other companies out there that say they are 100% pure, but if they do not say they are safe to ingest, or if they have an expiration date, then they are NOT 100% pure. You can check out my post entitled “Are Your Essential Oils Hazardous to Your Health?” for more information about that. Real, whole, completely pure, unadulterated oils never expire and are safe to take internally.

So these are just some of the many reasons I chose to go with Young Living over any other company. They have changed our family’s life, for the better, and I am ever grateful for their products and their company’s integrity and expertise. If I didn’t fully believe in them myself, I wouldn’t recommend them to anyone else. But because I do, I want everyone else to experience the blessings we have from using Young Living Oils. They are fantastic!


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