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Hello! I am so glad that you are here to learn more about essential oils! I personally think essential oils are one of the great wonders that most of the world is still missing out on and I am passionate about helping people discover what essential oils can do for them. I am continually amazed at the ways they benefit us in so many aspects of health and living.

Essential oils help me and my family to not only achieve wellness, but work toward OPTIMAL wellness. Essential oils have been a HUGE support to my body as I am working to keep it healthy and functioning as it should. Essential oils are an invaluable addition to a healthy lifestyle. They come alongside your body’s own natural processes and help them to do what they are already doing, but better and faster. Eating well is very important, exercise is necessary to keep our bodies moving, and trying to avoid toxins is key to helping our livers and bodies working as they should and keeping disease at bay. But with key nutrients lacking from our bodies due to environmental stressors and deficits in our modern food supply, supplementation is necessary to make sure we have adequate amounts of the things our bodies need to function optimally. I have been using essential oils and essential oil-infused supplements for about five and a half years now, and they are an integral part of my and my family’s daily life and wellness regimen. They have made a tremendous difference in our family’s health and overall wellness and have enabled us to take charge of our own healthcare.

We LOVE our essential oils, and when you consider how many uses they have and how many products in your home they can replace, they are very economical! There are so many DIYs you can make with essential oils, and Young Living offers so many essential oil products including household cleaners, oral care products, skin care and face products, body care products, animal care products, a kids’ line, and a wide variety of essential oil-infused supplements. Their products are made with high quality, natural ingredients, and of course, top notch essential oils.

If you would like to order from Young Living Essential Oils, you can click the link below, or go through the Buy Essential Oils page here on my site in the dropdown menu under Essential Oils. You can choose to order with a retail account, but I would encourage you to look into the Wholesale Membership, which would benefit you so much more! I have been an Independent Distributor with YL for 4 years, and believe (after MUCH research) that they are the absolute best company to choose when it comes to essential oils. I am also huge into education because I believe the more you know and understand about something, the more it will benefit you. If you choose to sign up for a membership with me, please know that I will do whatever I can to help you learn and get the most from your oils.

Please check out the other links I’ve included below to learn more about essential oils, how they work, and why I chose Young Living and believe them to be the best company for essential oils. As always, feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

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I will be continually updating my site with more content and testimonials, so be sure to watch for those.

I am also very excited to be growing a business with Young Living. Why? Because Young Living pays me to share their amazing products with others–something I love doing anyway! And the income I earn doing so is going to enable me to quit my job away from home and be a full-time stay-at-home mom again (well, I guess I’ll be a work-at-home mom, but at least I’ll be AT HOME. FULL TIME!) I also hope and pray that one day it will enable my husband Rex to quit his job away from home, so that he can spend more time with us and more hours every day living the life that he loves. That’s my ultimate why, and I am looking forward to that day! Do you have a why like one of these? I would be excited to share how Young Living can make those whys into real life accomplishments for you, too. Just ask me, or click on Work With Susan in the Menu of my site.

I would love to invite you to subscribe to my page to get all my posts! I write about real living in all facets of life–not just essential oils. I hope to get to know you, and I hope we can learn from each other on this journey! Thank you for visiting and have a blessed day!



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