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Are you thinking about getting some essential oils and wondering which is the best way to order? This is the place to be! There are two ways to purchase oils:

1. Sign up for a Wholesale Membership

2. Be a Retail Customer

If you want to get the most for your money, and be able to get oils at a discount, a Wholesale Membership is exactly what you need. Let me tell you why…

Here are the perks of a Wholesale Membership:

  • 24% off the retail price (seriously, you NEED this)
  • Monthly promotional specials to earn free oils and other incentives with a minimum purchase (YL’s promos are very generous!)
  • The option to join a rewards program where you earn free products (up to 25% back on each order!) just for making monthly purchases on things you need to buy anyway–not just oils, but things like toothpaste, deodorant, makeup, cleaning supplies, and nutritional supplements (OK, who does this?? Can’t get free stuff by shopping at Target or Amazon!)
  • The option (but never the obligation!) to build an incredible home-based business simply by sharing essential oils

And, with a Wholesale Membership, there are:

  • NO commitments
  • NO minimum monthly orders
  • NO membership fees
  • NO requirements to sell anything, EVER (but having a YL business is great, so I encourage you to check it out!)

You’re basically just getting your oils at a discounted rate, at your convenience. What could be better than that? And as long as you order at least $50 in product every year, you keep your Wholesale Membership forever. Pretty sweet deal.

So the only thing you have to do to get started with your Wholesale Membership is to purchase a Starter Kit. These range in price starting at $40. There are quite a few kits to choose from, but in my opinion, the Premium Starter Kit is definitely the BEST value because you get 11 oils plus a diffuser, which is an enormous value over purchasing one of the cheaper kits. These kits start at $160 which is HALF OFF THE RETAIL PRICE!!! (AMAZING, I know!) and you can choose between several different diffusers (prices vary depending on which you choose). Check out all the goodies that are included in the Premium Starter Kit HERE and scroll down the page to see the other starter kit options. The 11 oils are just what you need to get started, because you get a great variety of oils for hundreds of different needs. You also get some other goodies, including some samples, a roller top, and some tiny sample/travel bottles. See this beautiful kit?? You KNOW you want one.

Premium Starter Kit

So what do you get as a Retail Customer? You still get to buy awesome oils, but you’ll pay 24% more for them than if you get them wholesale. And that’s all you get. No perks. No beautiful starter kit. No rewards. No free stuff. No opportunities. Why? Why would you do that? To me, a Wholesale Membership is a no-brainer! Save yourself some money, earn yourself some free stuff, and get healthy all at the same time!!

So are you ready to get started? I am thrilled you are here and want to sign up for a Young Living account with me, whether you embark with a wholesale membership or you choose to go with the retail account. Click the purple button below to sign up with me, or if one of my fabulous team mates sent you here, click the orange button to go to My Team page and then click on the team member who sent you to link to their signup page. When you get to the signup page, to order retail, just click Retail Customer and order your oils from there. If you want to go with a wholesale membership and an amazing starter kit, be sure to select Wholesale Membership. If you need help going through the ordering process, you can come back to this page and click the Walk Me Through button below. The link will take you to another page on my site where you will find a pretty detailed walk-through of the process, from beginning to end, complete with pictures.


Welcome to Young Living! I will send you a welcome email sometime after your signup which will include some information on how to use your oils. If you would like for me to go over your kit with you when it arrives, I would love to do that either in person, or over Skype if you’re not local. I can also walk you through how to use your Virtual Office, and how to place subsequent orders. My team and I are all about helping to educate you so that you can learn about your oils and know how to get the most out of them! I am always teaching/hosting classes in person and on Facebook, and would love to have you join any or all of them. If you ever have any questions or concerns, please contact me. I would love to help you in any way I can! I can’t wait to hear how essential oils are changing your life!

Best wishes to you!


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